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Designing a personalised provider matching tool that gives top recommendations through personalisation and transparency
When searching for care, members assess a variety of factors in order to determine whether a provider is a “good fit” for them.  
These include:
  • Expertise: Do they have the expertise + skills for my medical need?
  • Convenience: Are they conveniently located near my home or work (or virtual)?
  • Social proof: What’s their reputation? Do they have good bedside manner?
… and a long tail of other factors that vary based on the member and the type of care. 
How do we create a matching tool that makes members feel heard, and we find the perfect provider for their needs?
8 Months
PM: Alex Haight
Eng: Megan Markle
Data: Catriona Smith, Zack
Strategy: Set the agenda and drive meetings, co-lead the project team alongside PM to define roadmap, and collaborate with cross-functional engineering and data science teams.

Research: Led the research initiative for the entire project, from discovery, surveys, moderated interviews to usability testing with 26 participants

Design: Led the user experience and visual design for the entire project, with a focus on creating an engaging interface that inspires trust in our members.
Research: Contextual Inquiry, Empathy Mapping, Service Blueprinting
Design: Figma
User Testing: Qualitative Interviews and Observation
Provider Match Full flow.png
Provider Match Glamor shot.png

Research Process

The research process involved discovery, qualitative interviews as well as usability testing with 26 representative participants, cumulatively spanning around 2 months.

My research process


Group 7116.png

Discovery Research

Deep dive into current behaviours around searching for a provider

Focus: Understanding what are important qualities when finding a new provider and how they select and compare providers when presented with multiple options.

Group 7117.png

Contextual inquiry

1:1 moderated interviews with members

Focus: When looking at top recommendations and an explanation of why a provider is recommended, what builds trust?

Group 7115.png

Surveys / Unmoderated


Focus: Exploring what are attributes that members want to personalise on - what should be asked vs what should be inferred?

Group 7118.png

Usability testing

Validating final design solution using a interactive through prototype

Focus: Before heading into implementation, finalising the design flow by giving tasks.

Snapshot of a few participants


Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 4.28.54 AM.png

Representative members across different age groups, genders, ethnicities, income ranges, sexualities and socio-economic class

Key takeaway

Evaluating a provider

When engaging with a new provider, members often bucket their preferences within 4 categories. For primary care physicians, convenience and cost are given most importance while for specialists clinical quality and fit are given higher importance.

PM_Research findings diagram.png

Getting down into the trenches

Understanding Member + Data needs

Based on my learnings from the research process, I created an exhaustive list of needs that are top of mind for members when they are searching for a new provider. We then started to correlate that to data that we currently have, data that would be easy to get, and data pieces that need more effort.

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 9.54.33 AM.png

Design Process

The design process was heavily informed by research insights, and explored ways to make the interface feel more engaging and trustworthy.


Existing mental models around personalisation

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 10.51.17 AM.png

Structure of the application


Introduction to personalisation


Intaking member preferences through a questionnaire


Match results and top recommendations


Provider details page

User flow

Provider Match Full flow.png

Module 1


Introducing a personalisation questionnaire in an app can significantly enhance user experience by setting expectations regarding value prop, content and time spent.

Type=Virtual visit 2_edited_edited.png

Research Insights

Members already expect to be asked questions about their preferences, based on other digital experiences

Members are okay spending up to 5 minutes (and 7-10 questions) during personalisation


Design recommendations

Use language that make a member feel invested in finding the best match for themselves. Allow skip and return later if they want.

This is the hook - make the experience engaging using visual design and personalised illustrative elements.


Introduction Explorations.png

Introduction to personalisation


Introduction to personalisation

Intro final.png

Module 2


Type=Virtual visit 2_edited_edited.png

Research Insights

Personalizing search results when looking for a new doctor allows individuals to tailor their choices based on a range of factors, ensuring a better match with their unique needs, preferences, and priorities. This, in turn, can contribute to a more positive and effective healthcare experience.

For PCPs, top attributes that members care about are Availability, Reviews, Distance, Network Status, & Gender. 

Members are trying to personalize on their clinical needs as a priority, followed by race, cultural background, and language


Design recommendations

Focus on having questions & options based on the data we have but actively collect data for future roadmap items

Make the UI quick & easy so as not to cause fatigue, and play around with visual design to make it engaging.

Interaction exploration 1

"Dating app" style questionnaire

Exploring the interaction pattern of a left and right 'swipe' gesture - commonly found in dating apps such as Tinder. Playing on the idea of finding your 'right person'. 


Interaction exploration 2

"Conversation" style questionnaire

Making it feel like you are talking to an actual person about what your ideal doctor would like it. Using the interaction pattern in fun games such as mad-libs.


Interaction exploration 3

"Wizard" style questionnaire

Using a more clinical approach - set of questions that look like a wizard or data app, helping you find the right doctor for your needs.


Final flow

Care preferences.png

Personalisation of care preferences

Final flow

Personalisation of provider attributes

Provider demographics.png

Module 3

Match results

Type=Virtual visit 2_edited_edited.png

Research Insights

After users complete a personalisation questionnaire, it's important to present the results in a clear and user-friendly manner. Use positive language and visuals to celebrate the personalisation process - enhancing user satisfaction and the perceived value of the app.

Members want to see a consistent list of attributes on all cards as an easy way to compare, reflected from the questionnaire.

Members want to have controls over the results they see, and modify them if needed.


Design recommendations

Lean in to the top recommendations and add positive friction to see full provider directory.

Leverage visual design to make ‘Recommended’ provider cards feel special, while adding filters to customize others.


Top recommendations

Match explorations.png

Final flow

Top recommendations

Match Final.png

Module 4

Provider details

Designing a provider details page involves creating a concise and visually appealing interface that provides users with relevant information about a healthcare provider. Prominently display contact information, locations and availability.

Type=Virtual visit 2_edited_edited.png

Research Insights

Members use a combination of reviews, recommendations, ratings, social proof, education & training to select a provider.

Members scour through multiple sources and sites to create a holistic perception of a provider before reaching out to them.


Design recommendations

For recommended providers, introduce a section to explain why the provider is a good match.

Introduce a section talking about provider quality, and breakdown of how it is calculated.


Provider details page

Profile explorations.png


Explanation of quality

Quality explanation explorations.png

Final flow

Provider details page

Provider profile.png

Final flow

Explanation of quality

Quality final.png
Provider Match Full flow.png

I would love to chat more regarding my in-depth process.

If you're interested, please contact me at or using the form below. 

Thanks for reaching out!

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